The project aims to achieve CO2e­-neutrality of large-scale protected areas, inter alia, national parks, biosphere reserves, nature parks and their neighbouring regions. The fundamental requirement is the implementation of the national and European climate protection goals (CAP 2020 and CPP 2050), having regard to the national and European biodiversity- and bio economy strategies.

Furthermore, the following project objectives are pursued:

  • Balancing of competing interests between climate protection measures as well as nature- and environmental compatibility through a regional climate protection strategy and assigned pragmatic measures,
  • Development of a role model function in the field of climate protection and biodiversity of the large-scale protected areas for rural as well as for the semi urban regions,
  • Transformation of nature protection – large-scale areas and regions to climate protection regions witch voluntarily agreed climate protection goals (based on CO2-Certificates),
  • Compensation of the effects of, for example “climate relevant” prohibitions in the large-scale protection area by involvement and further development of the neighbouring regions,
  • Strengthening of economic development and reduction of losses along the climate effective value-added chain,
  • Implementation of measures with climate protection- and biodiversity effects in the large-scale protection areas.